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crazy kouzu
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Rabu, 31 Agustus 2011


Friends of the needs of the soul that gets the balance
He was the heart fields that you sprinkle with love
and you pick up the fruit of gratitude
He's also the cool shade keteduhanmu
A fireplace for warmth sukmamu
Because you walked on stage liver arid hunger,
And look at when people need peace
Kahlil Gibran poetry piece that suddenly appeared on the head when an old friend greeted longing from there. Exhilaration created by the chatter of noisy laughter ditingkahi like to meet the chest cavity. Nearly fifteen years we never met and lost track of each other, but apparently God has other ways to bring back our communication had been lost. Yes Lord, thank you for your gift today ...
Old stories, new stories and stories in each other when we find the existence of another flow without stopping. No longer concerned about long-distance pulse, two and a half hours we were singing and shouting with a call back when I was old school. There was laughter and even tears flowed listening times the friend lost his loved ones, mother, brother and beloved youngest son. Yes, times when I should be on his side. There is regret sneaking in the corner of the liver.
Actually, unfulfilled longing, but a chat with forced quits before exchanging phone numbers and appointments will continue to keep in touch. I can still see the face of his mother who was always 'force' lunch every time I visited her in the cafeteria of a university in Bandung. And then the mother is very busy. Probably sorry to see the face of the starving children boarding and mothers seem well aware of my moral hazard, had come to visit during lunch.
Fifteen years is not a short time, people can change for the better or vice versa. Some are due to the influence of the position and the position became very changed from who we met before. Luckily we both still like the first, maybe just because we're both nobodies. No positions and positions that invite admiration, that changed is we now no longer young but has already become a mother and we are equally proud of it.
The dynamics of friendship as a collection of colors of the rainbow, there is no moment when light and dark which gives its own color to the beauty of friendship. Like flavor while enjoying the beautiful lotus flower blooms pink in the dim twilight.
Companions can be united with the presence of one or more equations. Ideally, he is someone who brings us closer to goodness, which can be bent with the gift of gratitude for the blessings, laugh or cry together and reinforce each other when one is in a weakened state. Also someone who will remind even poked at the other negligent and deviated from His ways. Regrettably there is also a friendship which was pushed to the setback. Seeing the success achieved by others allied to even be suspicious. Can not keep quiet when someone achieving more than what they have achieved or even banded together to put others down. What a pity to waste the energy to things that are useless like that, which takes us even further away from the goal of life.
Undeniably there is a relationship or a mutually beneficial symbiotic mutualism in friendship but there is also a lesson in it is learning to give and receive (give and take), learn to hear and be heard, too erodes the ego and keep learning empathy.
Respect privacy, including tips awetnya friend relationships, like the book there are sheets that do not need to be read and opened with a clearly without good pleasure. A good friend knew exactly when our buds and blooms. Among the indicators of a healthy friendship is a friendship that does not make us closed to association with others, who can still maintain objectivity, the nuances of honesty, which brings a sense of comfort and which need not compel us to continue to use the mask.
Proverb says to make enemies easier than finding a friend. When we fight a different opinion as there are some missing in the self. Though friendship is not always agreed. There are differences that make it varied, more important is how to understand and appreciate the difference.
One other story, I became've got a valuable lesson how friendship can be damaged by emotional moment and a misunderstanding. When we arrived at a phase of full awareness that it's all just part of the full dynamics of youth, a friend had lost not necessarily missing. Had heard the news he had been there far in the island. Prostrate surrender to the Divine because it has been decided relationship without knowing how to connect it again.
Once again the Creator willed, everything that could not be possible. Thanks to our social networking sites to reconnect after years of not met. Apology for any mistake was the first greetings spoken as he welcomed me. Thankfully we forgive each other. Apparently the years lost has been maturing both of us. Referred to a close friend who may happen to read this, hopefully you and your family are always in ridhoNya blessing.
In this Kompasiana we met many new friends. Friendship is no distinction as to age and status are only united by the interest in writing, reading the writings of others, or just commented. A form of friendship the other one, no less warmth though not always met. One of the formerly admitted kompasianers friends with lonely lonely may now no longer. Beautiful friendship cyberspace I found here. Hopefully this friendship also helped enrich the soul.

Sabtu, 20 Agustus 2011

apa yang terjadi dengan neraka, tuhan?

Bill Gates meninggal dunia dalam sebuah kecelakaan. ia mendapatkan dirinya berada di sebuah tempat api penyucian (dosa). Tuhan berada di sana dan berkata, “Baiklah, Bill, Saya benar2x bingung dengan panggilan ini.
Saya tidak begitu yakin, apakah saya harus mengirimkan kamu ke neraka atau ke surga. Karena saya lihat, kamu sudah membantu masyarakat dgn
meletakkan komputer di setiap rumah hampir di seluruh dunia dan menciptakan Windows 95 yang sangat menakjubkan itu. Akan saya perbuat sesuatu yang belum pernah saya lakukan sebelumnya. Khusus untuk kasus ini, saya akan memberikan kebebasan kepadamu untuk memutuskan dimana kamu ingin tinggal.” Bill menjawab, “Baik, terima kasih Tuhan.
Tapi apa bedanya antara surga dan neraka itu?
Tuhan berkata, “Saya mengijinkan kamu untuk mengunjungi keduanya dahulu supaya kamu lebih mudah mengambil keputusan”.
“Oke. Kalau begitu, saya coba melihat neraka dulu.”
Kemudian Bill pergi ke neraka. Ternyata ia melihat bahwa neraka merupakan tempat yang sangat indah, bersih dengan pantai pasir putihnya disertai air yang bening. Dan terdapat ribuan wanita cantik yang berlarian, berenang, bermain air, tertawa riang gembira. Matahari pun bersinar cerah dengan suasana yang sejuk dan nyaman, sempurna sekali.
Bill tampak sangat senang. “Wow, luar biasa!!! Indah sekali di sana!!”, katanya kepada Tuhan, “Kalau neraka saja seperti itu, saya ingin sekali melihat surga!”
“Baik,” kata Tuhan. Segera mereka pergi ke surga untuk melihat suasana di sana. Bill melihat surga yang berada di tempat tinggi dengan diliputi awan2x. Berlaksa-laksa malaikat sedang bermain harpa dan bernyanyi. Dia merasa damai melihat suasana di surga tapi dia tidak tampak bergairah seperti ketika melihat neraka. Bill berfikir sejenak, dan akhirnya mengambil keputusan.
“Hmm, saya pikir… saya akan betah tinggal di neraka, Tuhan.” Dia berkata kepada Tuhan.
“Baiklah, kalau begitu,” jawab Tuhan, “sesuai dengan keinginanmu.”
Kemudian Bill Gates pergi dan tinggal di neraka. Dua minggu kemudian, Tuhan ingin melihat keadaan sang Jutawan, Bill Gates, ini untuk memastikan keadaannya baik2x saja dan apa yang sedang dilakukan.
Ketika Tuhan sampai di neraka, Ia menemukan Bill sedang berada di lorong yang gelap dan berteriak di tengah2x api yang menyala-nyala. Ia merasa terbakar dan tersiksa.
“Bagaimana keadaanmu, Bill?”, Tuhan bertanya.
Bill menjawab dengan suara yang berat, penuh penderitaan dan tak berpengharapan. “Sangat mengerikan, Tuhan. Ini tidak sama seperti apa
yang saya lihat kemarin. Dimana pantai berpasir putih, wanita2x cantik yang dulu ada di sini itu?? Apa yang terjadi Tuhan??”
Tuhan berkata, “Oh Itu kan hanya screen saver, Bill!”

Jumat, 19 Agustus 2011

Ujian Susulan 4 Mahasiswa

Ada 4 orang mahasiswa yang kebetulan telat ikut ujian semester karena bangun kesiangan.
Mereka lantas menyusun strategi untuk kompak kasih alasan yang sama agar dosen mereka berbaik hati memberi ujian susulan.
Mahasiswa A: pak, maaf kami telat ikut ujian semester
mahasiswa B: iya pak. Kami berempat naik angkot yg sama dan ban angkotnya meletus.
Mahasiswa C: iya kami kasihan sama supirnya. Jadinya kami bantu dia pasang ban baru.
mahasiswa D: oleh karena itu kami mohon kebaikan hati bapak untuk kami mengikuti ujian susulan.
Sang dosen berpikir sejenak dan akhirnya memperbolehkan mereka ikut ujian susulan.
Keesokan hari ujian susulan dilaksanakan, tapi keempat mahasiswa diminta mengerjakan ujian di 4 ruangan yg berbeda. “Ah, mungkin biar tidak menyontek,” pikir para mahasiswa. Ternyata ujiannya cuma ada 2 soal. Dengan ketentuan mereka baru diperbolehkan melihat dan mengerjakan soal kedua setelah selesai mengerjakan soal pertama.
Soal pertama sangat mudah dengan bobot nilai 10. Keempat mahasiswa mengerjakan dengan senyum senyum.
Giliran membaca soal kedua dengan bobot nilai 90. Keringat dingin pun mulai bercucuran.
Di soal kedua tertulis:
“Kemarin, ban angkot sebelah mana yang meletus?”